Philosophy and Food


Here’s a bit about me and why I decided to start writing recipes down and photographing my food.


First, I really love food. Every time you cook, you’re creating a chemical reaction that can’t be undone. Pancakes can never again become eggs and flour, and that’s really cool. Plus, now I have a legitimate reason to bake cakes all the time.

Second, I love writing – or more specifically, I love words. My dad raised me on Scrabble and Boggle, and I was always the cheerleader at halftime who was more interested in getting to the next chapter of Anna Karenina than in talking to boys. My now husband and I met in college and started dating when we had poetry class together. We later became co-chief editors of the student newspaper and started an Onion-esque column with social commentary on campus politics and even added a dorm-friendly recipes section to help students satisfy midnight cravings.

Today, Thoughts ‘N’ Pans is the perfect way to channel both those passions. Just don’t be surprised if I go off on a philosophical tangent every once in a while. My husband and I both minored in philosophy, and I’m not kidding when I say that our pillow talk often involves the nature of the universe or the philosophy of self. It’s fun to get mind-blown before bed.


I’m fortunate to have a husband, a baby girl, five sisters, two parents, a Goldendoodle and a stocked kitchen. I’m the worst ever at goodbyes, and I’m constantly fighting awkwardness in social situations.

My celebrity crush is Joss Whedon, who I love fangirling about. And in my experience, fans of Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Firefly and Cabin in the Woods tend to be amazing people. So, if you’re into any of those, I expect you to leave a comment. DISCLAIMER: Much Ado About Nothing is also great, but The Avenger’s doesn’t count, even though it’s awesome – it’s too mainstream.

Scrabble is my favorite board game, Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides is my favorite book and anything dairy is my can’t-live-without food. I’m known to play the occasional video game (Fallout!), and I’m a lot addicted to dry shampoo.

Happy cooking! --Caroline