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I’m a Costco girl, so I tend to always have massive quantities of my favorite things. Bacon is on that list. And the Costco bacon is my favorite. This is wholly unsponsored (they don’t know I’m writing this), so not a sales pitch. I always get the Kirkland Thick Sliced, Center Cut, Hickory Smoked Bacon (below). The package also says it’s made from European pork bellies, which just sounds fancy… At any rate, it’s chewy and crispy (hard to find) and that perfect blend of smoky sweet and salty. Plus, the package is resealable, which is a plus. Way better than putting a slimy, half-opened package in a gallon size bag. But I digress.

Kirkland Thick Sliced BaconRather than a recipe, this post is more of a PSA on how to properly cook bacon. The Pintersty thing to do is the oven, but I’m a traditionalist and pan frying is my favorite – the flavor is better. These are my rules when it comes to pan-frying bacon.

  1. Always use a very large skillet that allows the bacon to lay completely flat.
  2. Put the bacon on the pan BEFORE it gets hot.
  3. Only use medium or low heat – never high.

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